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By Chris Eger

Ohio-based Hi-Point has been delivering an assortment of pistols and carbines to the consumer market since 1994 but they can be somewhat difficult to clean and disassemble.
To give the word direct from the company, Mike Strassell, Hi-Point’s owner, goes for a deep dive on the inner workings of the C9 series 9mm pistol in the above 21-minute video. The instruction also helps those with a Hi-Point CF380 or CF380 Comp model as the full disassembly and assembly process is the same.
While not as easy as maintaining a modern revolver or something like, say a Glock, the job of breaking the C9 down to its component pieces isn’t rocket science. Strassell does point out that those electing to tackle the job need to start with an unloaded pistol, empty magazine, a variety of punches (3/32, 1/8, 1/16) a block, assorted screwdrivers, the adjustment tool that comes with the gun, and a small hammer.
As for cleaning once the handgun is disassembled, HI-Point notes in their recently updated user’s manual for the C380/C9 the following process:
BARREL: Clean the barrel as follows:
1. Wet a cleaning patch with a gun cleaning solvent or a cleaner-lubricant- preservative and run it through


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