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By Patriot Outdoor News

You can’t seem to make it through a deer season anymore without hearing of some outdoor TV or YouTube hotshot shooting a big critter with a bow at 100-plus yards. Some guys are indeed skilled enough to consistently hit a 100-yard target. But taking a shot like that on an animal isn’t a good idea—and the science proves it. Here’s why:

When I did that arrow test for F&S last year, I wanted to see what exactly happened to an arrow in flight over 100 yards. I asked Bob Donahoe, the owner and inventor of Velocitip, if he had ever recorded a flight that long.

“No,” he said, “but we can try.”

We moved the Hooter Shooter back to 100 yards, and loaded a Bowtech RPM 360 with a Carbon Express Maxima Red—a solid, 417-grain finished hunting arrow. We were shooting at a giant Hips Archery 4×4 range target, so we weren’t too worried about sending a $1,200 computerized field point careening through the woods. Still, when the bow fired and that arrow took off downrange, Bob looked nervous. The arrow seemed to arc 8, maybe 10 feet above the grass, but when it came down, it did so beautifully—center-punching …read more

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