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By Chris Eger

A state-run news organ released an interesting video this week showing Russian and Belarusian special operations members at a pool party that included a rather odd undersea gun.
In the above (subtitled) broadcast from Vesti News, reporting from Ryazan, which is home to the country’s airborne and commando schools, a really amped up reporter goes for a swim with a group of frogmen in training. Besides cruising around a pool designed to mimic a warship at anchor and leaping off a dive platform high enough to change your views on organized religion, the video shows off the loading and firing of an APS underwater rifle on a specially made submerged range.
The APS has been in the Soviet, now-Russian, arsenal since the 1970s and fires a special 5.66x120mm steel dart loaded in a 39mm long cartridge designed to perforate wetsuit-clad adversaries at close range. The gun is readily identified by the “АПС” receiver marking seen at about the 2:16 mark in the Vesti footage.
The interesting part about this is the Russians, evidently always looking for a better mousetrap when it comes to fighting 20,000 leagues under the sea, have been hard at work on at least two different designs to replace the


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