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By Robert Farago

(courtesy Texas Firearms Festival)

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Shooters at last year’s Texas Firearms Festival experienced a significant bottleneck at the rifle range. We’ve taken steps to avoid a repeat of that regrettable situation. For one thing, we’ve built steps: there are now two entrances to the SB Tactical Rifle Range, one on the right of the facility and one on the left. For another, we’ve limited the number of manufacturers shooting on the rifle range and increased their number of shooting positions/tables per rifle maker [full list and distances below]. The biggest change . . .

Shooter ticket holders will now line-up in front of a chosen manufacturer’s table, at the front of the SB-Tactical rifle range. [VIP ticket holders have a separate line for all exhibitors.] A manufacturer’s rep will escort the shooter to the rifle range, and out. If you want to shoot multiple guns, you return to the manufacturer’s table of your choice. Shooters can either choose to wait for a given line to decrease or choose an alternative firearm.

We’ve also added attractions to this year’s Texas Firearms Festival, to lure shooters away from the SB-Tactical Rifle Range (to return later). Some 50 retailers will hawk their wares in The Range At Austin retail …read more

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