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By Chris Eger

Devtac: “Journalists why you so lazy???” (Photo: Devtac)
A number of British media outlets went crazy over a sweet looking full-face ballistic helmet reportedly used by local commandos — but didn’t do their homework. We did.
Yokohama, Japan’s Devtec started off as an airsoft company but their Ronin ballistic helmet has left plastic BBs behind and is now NIJ Level 3A tested and showing up at international arms shows. Fast forward to last week and the Daily Mirror gushed about how the Ronin “can withstand an AK47 bullet” is “air-conditioned” against heat and “gases,” and is loaded with sensors to detect other troops through “infra-red” settings and has GPS maps including “friend or foe technology.”
The publication reported that, besides being used by the British SAS, it has also been tried by the U.S. Army Delta Force and the Navy’s SEALs, though no representatives of any of the groups are quoted.
All of this was dutifully repeated by the Daily Mail, The Times, The Express and The Sun.
The story even jumped the pond and got picked up by some “tactical” pubs on this side of the English-speaking world, though toned down a bit.
The thing is, no one reached out to Devtac to confirm the


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