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By David LaPell

Despite the low average cost of the M91/30, the rifles are well-made, accurate, and flawlessly reliable. Those from Remington offer superior fit and finish to war-time Soviet production rifles.

U.S.A. -( The Mosin Nagant rifle, there are few shooters out there that don’t know what they are or the general history of the gun that armed first the Tsarist Russian Army to the Soviet Military and even now still in some form of service in various countries around the world. In between Finland, China, Poland, and dozens of other countries ended up using one form of Mosin Nagant either of Russian origin or of their own making. In the case of Finland, they took the Russian made guns and improved upon the design taking a utilitarian rifle designed to simply just work to become one of the most accurate bolt action rifles ever to be used in combat.

American sailors from the cruiser USS Olympia in 1919 with Mosin Nagant rifles

Russia and the Soviet Union produced some thirty-seven million Mosin Nagants alone in the various models and iterations over the decades, and the number of wars and conflicts they were in was staggering. To this day, you’re liable …Read the Rest

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