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By Patrick Roberts

The Quest for the Perfect Truck Gun

The decision is in on the perfect truck gun, including optics, magazines, and accessories for under $1200. If you are thinking this is another AR-15, guess again.

The Quest For The Perfect Truck Gun Package Under $1200

U.S.A. -( Full disclosure, the quest for the perfect truck gun package under $1200 is over! I will be reviewing the rifle that seemed to best fit all of my requirements here on Ammoland soon. While my perfect truck gun might not align with your views on the subject, I am pretty positive that I selected the best possible option on the market priced at less than $1200 for the total package to fit my needs.

What is a Truck Gun?

I guess the first question that we need to answer is what is a truck gun means to me. It wasn’t until a long conversation where Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts led me to an “ah-ha!” moment of the highest order. For most people, an AR or AK based truck/trunk gun is nothing more than gun owner security blanket when you really get down to the nuts and bolts of it.

You might think I am crazy, but the reality of the situation is …Read the Rest

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