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By Gregory Smith

The Purge: Election Year is an excellent movie even if the director is anti-gun. Why do anti-gun peoples make movies where guns are the heroes is beyond me, but this is what I learned from the film.

Purging Politicians Is Easy: The NFFA, the political party that created the purge 12-hour holiday of mayhem and murder, decides that this time no one is exempted from the Purge, they do this because their goal is to murder an anti-purge politician. So how do you attempt that when the politician has a ton of security and concrete walls blocking the entrance? Easy, you have an inside man that opens the door, another inside man that rewinds the footage o the security camera so your mercenaries can murder the secret service. Of course, even though the bad guys get in, Leo, the politicians main guy has a few secrets of his own. After all, it wouldn’t be a movie if your main character dies right away.

The Liberal Politician Believes the NRA Benefits from the Purge: She said that once, so the line will most likely be forgotten. As I told my 13-year-old nephew later, the NRA benefits from anti-gun politicians demanding gun control, …Read the Rest

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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