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By Ammoland

ACLU opposition to gun control amendments.
ACLU opposition to gun control amendments.
Utah Shooting Sports Council
Utah Shooting Sports Council

USA – -( biggest threat in Congress continues to be schemes to strip those on various secret terrorist watch lists of their gun rights without any due process.

Before we discuss this we want to be clear.

The Utah Shooting Sports Council is opposed to terrorists getting guns. However, a terrorist and someone on a terrorist watch list are two different things. As we stated in our previous alert the late Senator Ted Kennedy was on the “No Fly List” and he was not a terrorist (Chappaquiddick notwithstanding).

Any amendment that seeks to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists must be aimed at terrorists, not simply people on a list. It must respect the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment’s right of due process.

Evidence needs to be presented to a judge and a judicial ruling must be issued for someone to be stripped of their civil rights. Additionally someone who loses their gun rights in such a manner must have the evidence made available to them and there needs to be a easy and readily available means to contest the loss of …Read the Rest

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