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By Tom Knighton

I don’t talk a whole lot about training because while I have my opinions about training and the nature of it, I also recognize that my knowledge isn’t as broad as I would like it to be.

Yet every now and then I see or hear something that I really just have to comment on.

Such an idea popped up yesterday. It’s from John Mosby’s Mountain Guerilla site. I’m a fan of Mosby’s work, by and large, and find him to be an incredibly smart and insightful (and possibly inciteful) guy.

On Monday, he posted about square-range drills a bit, and there was something I wanted to contribute. (Language warning for those with sensitive ears. I’ll attempt to “censor” the expletives, but I might miss some.)

It’s become something of a cliché, in the training world, to point out that “Life isn’t a square range!” The implication—and sometimes it’s not even implied, but violently explicit—being that if you’re doing fundamentals work with your weapons, you’re going to die, because your training isn’t “real” enough. I’ve always found this ironic, since in my experience, the ability to actually hit what the f*** I was shooting at, on demand, as many times as …Read the Rest

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