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By Tom Knighton

Recently, an outdoor writer named Wes Siler penned an op-ed where he called for hunters to leave the National Rifle Association. The op-ed has stirred up some controversy.

Siler sat down with S.H. Blannelbery of Guns America for an interview to clarify his comments. Allow me to preface this by saying it doesn’t make him more tolerable.

S.H. Blannelberry: Before we get to your “controversial” article, for lack of a better word, entitled, “It’s Time for Hunters to Leave the NRA,” I think what a lot of people will want to know is where do you stand on the 2A? More specifically, do you support bans on commonly owned and widely popular modern sporting rifles? Do you own AR-15s? Do you support any gun control laws?

Wes Siler: I own an AR in 5.56 right now, and will probably build another one in a larger caliber this winter. I’ll also get a CCW permit (and a P365) for the first time later this year, now that I don’t live in California anymore. I believe that the Second Amendment was written to enable the individual to defend himself against a tyrannical government, …Read the Rest

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