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By gunwriter I first met Don Heath about five years ago during a hunt in Sweden. He was working for Norma. They were lucky to have him. Don had more experience doing dangerous things, with guns, in dangerous places, than most could ever imagine. He was also a humble man, eager to lend advice and share his knowledge. Don worked with me extensively on a study about controlled round feed actions. I mention this because I would like to share an excerpt from that work to illustrate Heath’s pragmatic approach to the debate. “Many years ago I wrote an article extolling the necessity of having controlled feed on a dangerous game rifle. Shortly afterwards I got shot in the right shoulder and had to shoot left-handed for nearly 18 months. I bought a Winchester 71 and used it fairly extensively. It then struck me how many elephant and buffalo I had shot on problem animal control duties with my issue F.N. FAL, which is of course a push feed. Also, in every fire fight I carried a push feed weapon. For most of the dissident war I carried a BREN and for the rhino war an F.N. or sometimes a SIG 550. …Read the Rest

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