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USA -( The outdoors has proven time and time again that it does indeed have healing capabilities. 19-year-old John Kese (pronounced Casey) is the perfect example of this truth. His story is one of perseverance and survival. With mental toughness, strong family support and a hope of finding solace in the outdoors once again, he found purpose in his sacrifice and purpose for others.

“It’s the little things now that mean a lot,” says John, survivor of Arnold-Chiari Malformation and an avid outdoorsman. “My dad used to tell me back in baseball ‘play every game like it’s your last’ and I never thought about that… now every chance I get to do something in the outdoors I treat it like it could be my last.”

John comes from the small town of Bedford, Va., was recently accepted to the Virginia Technical College of Natural Resources and Environment and loves the outdoors almost as much as he loves his family. He has been hunting since he was eight-years- old. His family emphasizes that this is his passion, his one true love.

“He started at a young age too, loving the outdoors,” …Read the Rest

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