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By Ammoland

The Fall of Fort Sackville

By John Farnam

The Fall of Fort Sackville
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Ft Collins, CO –-( “… in the event of Great Britain attempting to force unjust laws upon us by strength of arms, our Cause we leave to Heaven, and our rifles!” ~ Hanover Association, Lancaster County, PA, 1774

During the French and Indian Wars of the 1750s and 1760s, many North American Indian tribes had allied themselves with the French, against British colonists.

The French were mostly interested in trade with Indians, rather than ethnic colonies. In fact, many French explorers and traders lived with Indians, integrating with Indian culture and marrying Indian women. The frontier was subsequently liberally sprinkled with “half-breed” (French/Indian) children.

Conversely, the practice was rare among British colonists. The British were, as always, interested in real estate, establishing tax-paying colonies, colonies that ever-expanded westward! Indians naturally sided with the French, at least initially, regarding them the lesser of two threats.

So France, with the largest land army in Europe at the time, sent no troops to the New World. By contrast, England sent them by the boatload, forever altering world history!

Indians sadly discovered they had allied themselves with a loser! The British, through military force …Read the Rest

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