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By Robert Farago

Produced by Katie Couric, Under the Gun is a bloody-shirt waving extravaganza making the mainstream media happy. In the interview above, the film’s director offers the usual cocktail of misdirection and misinformation. In the clip (not magazine), an unidentified “expert” makes fun of people who divide the world into “good guys and bad guys.” “The problem is people are not sorted out into good people and bad people. Everybody has the potential for some kind of conduct . . . to do something bad with a gun.” And there you have it: we’re all proto-bad guys. Except, of course, we aren’t. We’re not all gang bangers — who account for the majority of non-suicide firearms-related fatalities. If it was true, if gun owners were all potential powder kegs, no one would be safe. I reckon I am — with a gun. You?

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