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You might have seen this weapon in a spy movie, but in real life, the emergence of tactical pens is relatively new. People use them as a weapon when they do not want to carry guns for their safety. Another reason for the popularity of tactical pens is that they are disguised self defense weapons that you can hide in plain sight. Another reason for choosing a self defense pen is that they do not look like standard weapons even when you carry them exposed.

When you use this tactical pen for self defense at the right time using proper technique, it can save your life.

Features of a Tactical Pen

You can this tool just like a pen to write a grocery list. It has pressurized cartridges that make it function like a typical pen. In addition to using it for writing, a tactical pen can:

  • Break through various barriers, e.g., glass, as it has a blunt end.
  • Defend you against the attacker with its extra-sharp ballpoint.
  • Be used as a weapon as it has aircraft-grade steel or aluminum body for a powerful strike.
  • Come with additional features like handcuff key, lasers, and lights.

Advantages of a Tactical Pen for Self Defense

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Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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