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nypd service revolver letter

Smith & Wesson Model 10 service revolver
nypd service revolver vs glock pistol
nypd service revolver

We’re all familiar with the image of a cop and his trusty .38 special service revolver. It’s old school, it’s awesome, and it’s going the way of the dodo in the NYPD, as the department is disallowing service revolvers in 2018.

The news started to spread when a blog called Gun Free Zone posted a photo of an NYPD interdepartmental memo from the commissioner dated Nov. 20 that says service revolvers and the equipment used with them—speed loaders, regulation holsters and pouches—will be “discontinued for service use.” The document does go on to state that wheelguns are approved for off-duty use, provided that the officer in question doesn’t already have an …Read the Rest

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