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By Robert Farago

Armatix iP1 (courtewsy

“In May 2014, NRA staffers secretly tested the Armatix iP1, the so-called “smart gun” that at the time was causing a furor among both media and gun owners nationwide,” the NRA’s website reveals. “What we found was disappointing at best, and alarming at worst.” Wait. What? The NRA’s been sitting on their “smart gun” review for a year and a half? Obviously, the recent 60 Minutes piece on smart guns inspired Fairfax to dust-off their post and present it to the public. While the late-to-the-party review shows just how dire the technology is, Armatix may have sorted some of the issues in the meantime. That said . . .

maybe this is all the NRA could do, then and now. [NOTE: TTAG has repeatedly attempted to purchase an Armatix iP1 since it first reared its digital head – to no avail.] Anyway, the NRA reports that they found a number of “very serious problems” with the gun’s design and function.

Does the Armatix operate perfectly? Well, no; we found it to be troubling at best. NRA’s tests, conducted with staffers trained by Armatix, found a number of very serious problems:

  • The Armatix pistol initially required a …Read the Rest

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