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By Charles Daniel

Gunsite Day 1 Night Shoot 020

As I write this it is the morning after the event. It made me think about my own personal preparedness, complacency and norms.

Last night I was in bed reading. It was about 11, my wife was asleep and my kids had been asleep since 8:30. The house was quite, and then I heard a sound I had heard before: a door opening and closing. I had heard this before as I have two kids. It normally results in, one of them barging into our room and declaring “I’m sick”, “I’m scared,” “The dog is bothering me,” etc. I braced myself for a sick kid walking in my room, only they didn’t. After about 20 seconds I got up and went looking for the kid thinking they might be vomiting or getting water from the kitchen.

What I found was both kids sound asleep as well as the dogs that sleep with each of them.

At that point a terror shot through me – there may be someone in my house and I was ill equipped with only boxer shorts and fist at my disposal.

With trepidation I started turning on lights and checked the house. Ultimately I found nothing. Not. A. Single. Thing. …Read the Rest

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