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By Jason Reid

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When it comes to being a successful archer, consistency and proper form are the keys to success. Imagine if your equipment actually helped you achieve good form and consistency. That’s exactly what the RINGER release aid from No Limit Archery does.

There’s a reason most target archers shoot hand-held back tension releases. Because the motion that makes them fire is gradual and “surprises” the shooter, target archers are able to calmly hover over the bullseye until the release goes off.

Many bowhunters have tried back tension releases only to find hunting situations sometimes demand the immediate response only a trigger provides. Unfortunately, trigger releases can cause an archer to anticipate the shot, often resulting in a quick jerk on the trigger that is either ill-timed or so violent it pulls the bow off target – or both.

The No Limit RINGER provides hunters with the best characteristics of back tension and trigger releases to create the most accurate hunting release available.

Held in the hand like a back tension release, the RINGER has a trigger built into the ring finger slot. To fire, the archer simply pulls through the shot, putting tension on the ring finger area until the trigger breaks. If …Read the Rest

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