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By Ben Philippi

As you may have noticed in the trailer for John Wick 3, John Wick traded his Glock for a tricked out 1911 handgun. The choice to move up to the iconic frame is perhaps a sign of the times.
Made in America is all the rage these days and nothing screams freedom like the classic 1911 frame. It’s big, intimidating, sexy and means business. And John Wick doesn’t mess around. As Halle Barry says in the trailer: “Nothing’s ever just a conversation with you, John.” Ain’t that the truth? John Wick’s new pistol is an STI 2011 Combat Master designed by Taran Tactical Innovations.
I caught up with the company’s owner, Taran Butler, back in September 2018, well before the trailer was released, at his range in Simi Valley, California. He said he had been working intimately on the John Wick 3 film with the cast and crew. In fact, Keanu Reeves is a regular at his range, where he set the internet alight with his shooting skills caught on camera back in 2017.
Butler had a few of the ‘prototype’ STI 2011’s kicking around and gave us an introduction. He asked us to keep it a secret until the trailer was released, which was a few weeks ago.


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