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By Bob Owens

CNN Money is reporting that the busiest May ever for NICS background checks for firearms sales has now been followed by the busiest-ever June:

Background checks for gun sales spiked 11% in June compared to last year, making it the busiest June ever, according to the FBI’s background check data.

Last month the FBI conducted nearly 1.53 million background checks, which are required for all in-store purchases, but not for sales at gun shows or between individuals. That’s the highest volume of checks in June since 1999, when the FBI started keeping track.

Gun background checks have climbed annually since 2003 with the exception of just three years, one of which was 2014, indicating a clear jump in gun sales.

Michael Bazinet, spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun industry group, said the increase is driven in part by the influx of more women and first-time gun owners into the market.

Yes, we know the article is entirely incorrect in claiming that background checks aren’t required at gun shows, and that FFLs must conduct background checks wherever they do business. But that isn’t the most impressive part of the story.

What Michael Bazinet notes at the NSSF is the real story. …read more

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