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By Tom Knighton

Major companies are coming out as anti-gun. We’ve noted several. Most recently, digital service provider Shopify. Others include Citibank and Bank of America as well as tech giants like Facebook and Google (via YouTube) and even more.

Over at National Review, they describe it pretty well. They call it the new battlefront in the gun war.

But another threat looms, one that can stretch across the entire American landscape, is immune to the filibuster, and is largely sheltered from judicial review. It’s a threat that can choke off financing for the gun industry, stifle speech about guns, and lock the gun-rights community into offline (and small online) ghettos that restrict their ability to communicate.

So, what’s happening? Titans of American banking and communication are taking steps to restrict the use of their funds or platforms by gun makers, gun-rights advocates, and others. The threat is just now emerging, but it may be as great a danger to gun rights as it is to the culture of free speech in this nation, and indeed the two are linked.

Let’s keep in mind that these actions represent not the culmination of a gun-control campaign but the front edge of a …Read the Rest

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