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By Scott Gara

Big Horn Armory decided to bring out the big guns to TriggrCon 2018 and they didn’t disappoint. “We want to bridge the gap between the .50 BMG and everything else” Sam Kuntz told when we stopped by the Big Horn Armory booth. What we came to see from Cody, WY based company was the AR500 – 500 Auto Max rifle. Kuntz told us “this is the most powerful, widely available AR on the market today… out of this 18 inch barrel we’re able to put a 44 grain hard cast downrange at 2200 feet per second, resulting in 4500 foot pounds of energy.” Wow! That’s a whole lot of nastiness moving downrange quickly.
The gun is chambered in 500 Auto Max, which is the equivalent of a rimless .500 S&W. “it uses the same load data, same shelf life, and has the same power as the .500 S&W,” Knutz told us. This rifle certainly kicks, but it’s surprisingly not the worst recoil I’ve ever felt. They’ve done a good job working keeping recoil manageable on such a beefy round. The AR500 takes your standard AR magazines making them easily compatible. There only possible downside? There are only a handful of


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