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By Dan Zimmerman

By Brandon Maddox

As of July 1 firearm owners in the state of Minnesota are legally allowed to own and possess silencers (or suppressors). SF 878 was passed with strong bipartisan support in both chambers and signed into law by Democrat Governor Mark Dayton. On August 1, 2015, the use of silencers while hunting will be allowed in the North Star State. Silencers, for the uninitiated, are not the tools of spies and assassins that the media has portrayed them to be, but rather an innovative safety device that provide three key benefits to hunters and shooters . . .

  • The use of silencers decreases complaints of the noise of gunfire which are often used as an excuse to close public lands to hunting
  • Silencers decrease felt recoil and muzzle rise on a firearm which results in improved accuracy
  • Most importantly, silencers reduce the harsh sound of gun fire to hearing-safe levels, to protect the hearing of the shooter or anyone near them.

This law came into being due to the efforts of the American Suppressor Association throughout the 2015 Legislative Session in Minnesota. Minnesota has now become the 40th state to allow the ownership and use of silencers in accordance with federal law, …read more

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