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By Dan Zimmerman


Reader Matthew Howe writes:

As you probably know by now, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died on Saturday. He was a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and his passing opens up the possibility that the court will tilt the other way. Most of the coverage is focused on the political battle: will Majority Leader McConnell allow a vote before the next president is sworn in, or will the Republicans stand firm and block any nominee President Obama puts up? What’s being talked about less is how offensive the entire situation is . . .

How is it, in a supposed representative democracy, that one man is so important? Think about it. The Supreme Court actually has more power than the President or Congress. If four unelected lawyers who serve for life decide to hear a challenge to the Heller decision, it’s done. If five of them vote to strike down Heller, the Second Amendment as an individual right is gone. Just like that.

The President can’t do that. Congress can’t do that. The Supreme Court can do that.

Five unelected lawyers have the power to meddle with the Constitution itself. Since there are now four sitting pro-Heller justices sand four (assumed) anti-Heller justices, …Read the Rest

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