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By Tom Knighton

While the left talks a lot about tolerance, it seems they don’t understand the meaning of the word. They expect people to be “tolerant” of whatever they support when in actuality they want cheerful acceptance and approval. Meanwhile, they refuse to tolerate anyone from any favored group who supports gun rights.

Particularly women.

As claims of sexual harassment and sexual assault by famous men–the vast majority of whom are well-known liberals–continues to rip through the headlines, the mainstream media seems indifferent to a different brand of #MeToo. In this case, it’s something far more horrifying that sexual harassment or even some very inappropriate behavior.

Pro-gun women are getting death threats by the peaceful, tolerant progressive.

Over at the Washington Free Beacon writes about the travails of some pro-gun women, writer Steven Gutowski who have faced not just sexual harassment due to their stance on guns, but violent ones as well, and these are names you’re likely to recognize.

First, Gutowski writes about rape survivor Kimberly Corban, who has had some horrific things said to her, not just regarding guns but also her rape. After all, they seem to figure, the fact that she was raped was the catalyst for her becoming a …Read the Rest

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