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By Robert Farago

During the inaugural episode of the now Letterman-less The Late Show, new host Stephen Colbert asked presidential candidate Jeb Bush about gun control. The question and Bush’s answer didn’t make the cut. Thankfully our good friends at The Trace flagged the omission and linked us to the YouTube upload of the missing Q&A. Bush’s answer probably pleased billionaire ballistic bully boy Michael Bloomberg’s pseudo-journalists. The former Florida governor touted the Sunshine State’s 72-hour waiting period for firearms purchases and sang the praises of their background check system. More than that, Bush the Younger II agreed that the NRA fights mental health checks and suggested that the way to “fight back” is “at the state level.” It gets worse . . .

Jeb! reiterates his position that gun rights should vary from state-to-state. You know: New York City isn’t Vermont. Colbert pushes back – amazingly. He points out that the right to keep and bear arms is a Constitutional right. One of those federal deals. The aspiring President plays the 10th Amendment card: the states can take that right away, right away. And right away we can see that Jeb Bush is not the pro-gun Republican …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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