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By Salvatore

The gun and knife go together like corned beef and cabbage, but while most armed citizens carry a knife, few spend time considering the blade they carry. In this article I wish to address the role of the knife as a must have utility and rescue tool and as a defensive weapon. I would suggest that all handgun carriers invest some thought into their own needs before selecting the best blade for their own daily carry.

Let me say this from the outset: I am not a dedicated knife guy that prioritizes “knife fighting” techniques and I write this for the like individual. Most people who carry a gun as a primary defensive tool do carry a blade, but it usually factors into self-defense only as an afterthought. For myself, the knife serves a secondary role as a weapon, but it is an extremely important lifesaving tool that should be carried at all times by anyone who believes in being prepared for crisis, whether that crisis involves fighting or surviving some other unexpected emergency. However, while the knife is secondary as a weapon, the importance of the tool in this capacity is significant and there are certain situations in which the …Read the Rest

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