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By Ammoland

By Jeff Knox

Illegal Alien Licensing loophole

Buckeye, AZ –-( A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the problem of the “Gun Free Zone” loophole, which disarms the law-abiding (who are a threat to no one, and a possible deterrent/protection for innocents) while doing nothing to prevent bad guys and lunatics from carrying and using guns in those areas.

Continuing on the theme of loopholes, which is such a popular term among rights restrictors, I want to address another dangerous loophole that puts us all at greater risk: The Illegal Alien Licensing loophole.

Illegal aliens,or undocumented migrants, are people who reside in this country illegally, whether they sneak across the border in the dark of night or overstay a student or tourist visa. There are an estimated 11 to 12 million unauthorized immigrants in this country, and that’s a conservative estimate.

Among the many things these people are not supposed to be able to do here is purchase or possess firearms or ammunition. They are also not supposed to vote in our elections.

In recent years, several states have attempted to enact laws requiring voters to provide a government-issued photo ID in order to register or vote as a …read more

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