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By David B. Kopel David B. Kopel

As a result of the terrorist attack in Orlando, greater attention is being paid to the self-defense rights of sexual minorities. In Las Vegas, where many people work in nightclubs, the group Out For Liberty will be offering free firearms safety classes to LGBT nightclub employees: “Managers, bartenders, security, DJs, drag queens are all encouraged to attend.” The Houston-area Shiloh Gun Range is giving free concealed-handgun license classes to the LGBT community. In Sarasota, Fla., the gun store Young Guns & Safety will be teaming up with the local chapter of Pink Pistols to encourage firearms training for LGBT persons. Theowner says: “We’re here for you. We don’t want you to be bullied anymore.” On Facebook, Erin Palette is collecting the names of safety volunteers to provide basic instruction to anyone, “but especially LGBT people.” So far, more than 200 have stepped forward. Thus, there is now a Google Map of LGBT-Friendly Firearms Instructors.

Summarizing the past and present of gay rights activism for the Second Amendment rights of sexual minorities and of all other Americans.

In constitutional Second Amendment litigation, the modern era began with District of …Read the Rest

Source:: Cato Institute

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