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By Ammoland

The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed! :

by Alan Korwin
The Uninvited Ombudsman
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The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed! :

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The book, The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed! became an instant classic, spelling out in plain English what SCOTUS Justice Scalia had written in crisp, compelling legalese, having been assigned the case by Chief Justice John Roberts. It confirmed that the Second Amendment is an individual right of American people, despite fabrications and concoctions invented by leftists to deny the right people had exercised for more than 200 years. The opposition claimed the right was “collective,” and belonged to no person in particular, a false perspective expressed in the dissent, which the book includes.

In addition to every word of both the decision (“the holding”) and the dissents, the book highlights hundreds of important quotations in the texts and features plain English summaries of every aspect of the case, plus explanations of how the case came to be, who the various players are, and how the Court works.

“News” media typically exhibit an abysmally low understanding of such things, misleading the public, you included, unfortunately.

The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed!, also includes …Read the Rest

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