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By Brandon Curtis

How often have you had a ringing in your ear after shooting your firearm, even though you had protective earplugs or earmuffs on?

Our sense of hearing is precious. It would seem as though our federal government would go out of its way to help its citizens protect it. But for a number of years, federal regulations were in place that almost seemed to indicate the opposite!

One case in point is the long, strange saga of firearms and suppression devices. For almost a hundred years, the federal government has had taxes and restrictions in place that has made this hearing protector not worth having for many shooters.

However, legislation has recently been introduced that may be changing this.

Suppression Device Struggles

Pity the poor firearm suppression device! It got off to a promising enough start when it was first invented and patented in 1902 for rifle use. But then the 1920s came along. Enterprising gangsters discovered that silencers could be adapted to accommodate machine guns.

And this helped to muffle mob mayhem. One of the federal government’s responses to this increase in crime was to pass the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA). Hoping to limit and control the number of firearms available …Read the Rest

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