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By gunwriter Offered in recognition of the 40th Anniversary of Gunsite Academy and the life’s work of Jeff Cooper. From 1958 until 2003 the pages of Guns & Ammo magazine were graced with the words and wisdom of COL Jeff Cooper. Readers worldwide subscribed to read his thoughts; primarily those associated with the use and application of the defensive handgun. Similarly, when Cooper opened the American Pistol Institute on the Gunsite Ranch near Pualden, AZ in 1976, like-minded folk traveled from far and wide to learn from The Guru. The story of Gunsite – now Gunsite Academy – is the story of Jeff Cooper. If you grew up reading Cooper you probably knew this, but for the latest generation of gun owners, the impact Gunsite has had on the world of firearms is, at best, unappreciated and, at worst, unknown. According to Robbie Barrkman, “Jeff Cooper and the Gunsite doctrine have single handedly been the genesis of a whole industry. Name anyone who is a somebody in the firearms business, relative to defensive firearm craft or equipment, and I’ll show you a connection either directly or indirectly to Jeff Cooper.” How could one man and one place be so instrumental in the …Read the Rest

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