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By Chris Eger

Iconic actor Burt Reynolds died Thursday, age 82, and leaves behind a legacy of film roles that are hard to forget. Born in Michigan to a war-hero father who went on to become a Florida chief of police, Reynolds was a transplant to the Sunshine State and played football for FSU until sidelined with an injury.
Beginning in the 1960s, the burgeoning actor appeared in the WWII drama Armored Command as well as a host of Westerns to include Gunsmoke on the small screen and Navajo Joe and 100 Rifles on the big one, often with era-correct firearms in hand.
From the wetsuit-clad bow-hunting Lewis Medlock in Deliverance to the fictional Georgia moonshiner Gator McKlusky, the actor specialized in portraying wise-cracking alpha-males in 1970s action films and cut a path followed later by Tom Selleck, Bruce Willis, and others, which in turn has generated constant Reynolds cultural references in the FX spy spoof Archer, and with good reason.

Notably, he passed on the role of John McClane in Die Hard and Han Solo in Star Wars, or else you would be seeing lots of Beretta and Mauser images here as well.
As the 1980s dawned and Reynolds surged to even greater popularity on the


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