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By gunwriter All men are created equal. At least that’s what the Declaration of Independence tells us. This was obviously before the advent of the firearms press and the occupation of a gun writer because; all gun writers are not created equal. I have studied this occupation for most of my life and after some serious debate and internal reflection; I’ve managed to create a classification system for those who write, video, or blog about the gun. If you are one of the blessed who gets to make a living pulling triggers, where do you fit in? If you are a reader or watcher, which of these communicators do you enjoy reading and watching the most? The Firearms Journalist This category of those who write about guns is mostly filled with folks who are decent writers. They know where commas go, they understand the use of the semi-colon, and they can diagram a sentence to perfection. They are in some ways the equivalent of the newspaper reporter; they interview, research, and tell you a story. There is nothing wrong with being a firearms journalist and very often they provide the most objective information. They need an editor to tell them what to …read more

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