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By Rob Morse


By Rob Morse

Slow Facts

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The gun market is exploding. So are the options for self-defense and safety training. Training has grown in availability and quality. To give you some perspective, dedicated civilian firearms training only started 40 years ago. Training and the gun culture are changing every day!

Owning a gun is now considered an ordinary activity. Over two thirds of adults want to live in neighborhoods where firearms are allowed. Roughly one out of 19 adults has a concealed carry license. Concealed carry is allowed in almost every state. One out of three homes across the US has at least one gun.

Americans buy about a million guns a month and those are a lot of people to teach about firearms.

Firearms instruction and training really has evolved. The days are long past when someone handed you a gun and told you to go out back and teach yourself to shoot. Today we have a gun to fit each person, each purpose, and each budget. We are entering the golden age of firearms instruction that is equally wide and deep.

Instructors today know their material in depth. They take continuing education courses and most instructors have sampled a number of different …read more

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