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By Baxter

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The Glock 17 burst upon the world pistol scene in the 80’s. Chunky, inelegant, having a polymer (“PLASTIC?!” the purists cried) frame, and…..lacking an external safety but for the tab on the trigger. Naturally, everyone kept their boogerhook off of the bangswitch and everyone lived happily ever after, right?

Well, no. Several lawsuits were filed by law enforcement personnel. Many of these lawsuits were attempting to blame Glock for negligent discharges when disassembling the pistol in order to clean as one must pull the trigger in order to disassemble it. Nonetheless, there were and inevitably will be more, lawsuits resulting from negligent discharges when attempting to reholster a Glock pistol. Some examples are:

1: The infamous DEA agent.

2: Poor hapless Plaxico Burress

3: Officer Bill McMahan

So, do we have a mechanical problem with Glocks and other pistols that have the safety on the trigger or do we have a training problem? Obviously, every pistol owner should take a training class that goes beyond the good Lieutenant Colonel’s Four Rules. However, with full time law enforcement personnel experiencing negligent discharges from their issued Glocks they were trained to use, …read more

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