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France’s Army has officially kicked off the search for a replacement for its FR-F2 bolt-action sniper rifle.

aimpoint compm5 sight


French Armed Forces Pick Aimpoint CompM5 for HK416F

According to Jane’s 360, the Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), the government agency responsible for procuring weapons for the French military, issued a tender on Aug. 18 that called for 2,600 new rifles which have officially been designated the Fusil de Précision Semi-Automatique, or FPSA.

The tender also stipulates that interested parties deliver 2,800 night sights—which includes 1,800 image intensifiers and 1,000 thermal sights— as well as some 6.3 million rounds of 7.62×51mm NATO ammunition, to be split between precision and perforating ammunition. In addition, all necessary maintenance and training equipment, spares and technical information should be included.

Jane’s speculates that Heckler & Koch are in the running to get the contract. This makes sense, given that the HK416 F is now the standard rifle of the French …Read the Rest

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