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By Robert Farago


The Four Rules of Gun Safety prevent firearms-related accidents — more accurately called “negligent discharges” or ND’s. Follow the Four Rules of Gun Safety and you virtually eliminate the possibility of a dangerous perhaps even deadly ND. Here’s my take on the Four Rules of Gun Safety . . .

1. Keep all guns pointed in the safest possible direction

If a gun isn’t pointed at a person or an animal you don’t want to shoot, a negligent discharge will not cause harm to man or beast. What’s a safe direction? Anyplace where the bullet couldn’t harm an innocent person or non-game animal should you fire the gun.

There may be times when there isn’t a safe direction. Bullets can penetrate walls and other barriers. Someone living in an apartment building in an urban area may not be able to avoid the possibility of a negligent discharge causing harm.

In that case as in all others — during cleaning, storage and transportation — always keep the gun pointed in the safest possible direction. For example, aiming a gun at the steel-reinforced corners of a building may be an apartment dwellers best bet.

2. Treat all firearms as if they’re loaded until you safety check …Read the Rest

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