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By Lee Williams

By Lee WilliamsJoe Biden, the most anti-gun President in the history of the United States, is 80 years old, suffers from advanced dementia, and has trouble reading from a teleprompter, much less comprehending what he’s saying. He makes up stories in which he always appears in the starring role, even though everyone knows they’re lies. And he tends to wander off if left unsupervised, which is why the First Lady leads him around like a puppy.Therefore, if Biden is going to beat the GOP challenger, regardless of who’s nominated, he will need serious help. Yesterday, the legacy media proved once again they are more than willing to give Biden all the help he needs. They’re conspiring with the White House to gaslight the American public into believing their commander-in-chief has a full set of marbles rolling around in his vacuous head.At a joint press conference with the President of South Korea, A New York Post photographer with a long lens captured a photo of a cheat sheet in Biden’s hands. It wasn’t a typical Biden cheat sheet, which normally tell him what to say when he walks into a room, whom to mention, where to sit and which reporters to

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