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By Caleb

MP Shield no thumb safety

On Friday, I published a list of The Five Worst Guns for Self-Defense. I didn’t list specific makes and models, because I wanted to focus on types of guns that are poor choices for as primary guns for self-defense. I like derringers and I think they’re cool, but it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice for an SD gun. Today I want to flip the script and focus on the five types of guns I do recommend for self-defense, starting with my top choice.

1. A compact semi-automatic 9mm handgun

Examples: Glock 19, M&P Compact, Sig P229

My first and most frequent recommendation for carry guns fall into this category. Usually the question sounds like this: “Caleb, I want a gun for self-defense, what should I get?” I almost always recommend one of these four guns, based entirely on what the end user wants. Why? Because the compact segment of guns offers the best in terms of ease of carry/concealability, ammo capacity, and shootability. I recommend a 9mm because it’s the most common service cartridge on the planet, it’s cheap to train with, and quality defensive ammo is widely available from a variety of manufacturers. Accessories like holsters, sights, lasers, and …Read the Rest

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