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By Laura Burgess

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Woody’s Hunting and Rifle Club hosted the first in a series of three Bergara Experience events, with many participants shooting long range for the very first time.

The first Bergara Experience was held Aug. 5 at Woody’s Hunting and Rifle Club

Lawrenceville, Ga. ( – With the first Bergara Experience under their belts, Bergara Rifle ramps up for the two remaining events this year. The initial event was held at Woody’s Hunting and Rifle Club, south of Raleigh, North Carolina, on Aug. 5. The event was free to the public and the enthusiastic crowd was larger than expected. Participants had the chance to try out the Bergara B14 and Premier Series of rifles under Woody’s covered range out to about 550 yards. Many shooters had never experienced a long distance shot before and the slow squeeze of the trigger followed by the sound of ringing steel brought smiles all-around.

The Bergara Experience gives people the chance to try out an exceptional precision performance rifle at an event that demonstrates the full long-range potential of these near custom-quality production rifles. Participants commenting on the Bergara Experience Facebook page expressed surprise at the smooth action, limited felt recoil, great fit and …Read the Rest

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