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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Duncan Johnson

U.S.A.-( If you own or carry an Honor Guard pistol from Honor Defense, it might be time to rotate it back into your gun safe. Patrick R. over at the Firearm Rack has done the shooting community a huge service by bringing to light the drop fire issues that the Honor Guard is susceptible too.

Honor Defense’s Honor Guard pistol is a single stack 9mm handgun, that is based on Sig Sauer’s P320.

The most striking similarity between Sig’s P320 and the Honor Guard is that they will both fire if dropped on a negative 30-degree angle. Impact to the back of the gun will cause the striker to hit the primer and ignite the cartridge. Unfortunately, that is where the similarities seem to end.

Where Sig has taken the route of getting out in front of the issue by offering voluntary upgrades to P320s, Honor Defense has yet to comment on the safety issues in their pistols.

Quick history: after reviewing the Honor Guard for another website, Patrick R. discovered the drop fire issue and contacted Honor Defense. The long and short is Honor Defense told Patrick he was, “looking for ways to …Read the Rest

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