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By Ammoland

NSA Spying Privacy

By Jeff Knox

The FBI’s Illegal Activities

Buckeye, AZ –-( The FBI and Justice Department have routinely been engaged in illegal practices regarding lawful gun purchases for over a decade, and now some members of Congress want to reward this criminal behavior with expanded powers and increased secrecy.

As debate and childish hissy-fits rage on in D.C. regarding supposed “loopholes” in our nation’s gun laws, particularly the so-called “Terrorist Loophole,

Americans need to understand that these limits in the laws are not “loopholes,” but specifically negotiated limits to government power.

The National Instant Check System, or NICS, was offered up by the NRA as an alternative to the Brady waiting period.

It was designed to be very limited and specific in scope to provide some reassurance that purchasers of guns from federally licensed dealers were not criminals or mentally ill “prohibited persons” under the Gun Control Act, while also protecting the privacy of lawful gun purchasers.

The law was intentionally written to address only the 9 specific factors that make a person ineligible to legally possess guns, and nothing else. This was not an oversight. It was recognized that firearm purchaser information could easily be abused, so …Read the Rest

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