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By Tim

Photo of Chicago PD.

Photo of Chicago PD.

On July 4th we celebrate our independence day with the smell of gunpowder from firework, but in Chicago the gunpowder was a mix between fireworks and over 50 separate shootings during the festive weekend.

The Chicago area is well known to enforce their gun control laws on the 2.7 million populace. In spite of this there were some 10 fatal shooting and well over 50 injured from shootings. The saddest part of that statistic is that the youngest fatality included a 7 year old that was shot by a gang member trying to kill the young one’s father.

Chicago is ravaged with poverty, multiple gangs, and gun control. While the number of fatal shooting has gone down since 1990, there are still between 400-500 a year making Chicago one of the deadliest cities in the US.

The scene of the shooting at 7 year old Amari Brown had the police tape up, shell casings scattered over the sidewalk, and the Brown’s father still wearing the blood stained pants he wore the night his son was murdered.

The Reverend Ari Acree was at the scene later on. He said, “We can’t blame this on the system or on the white supremacists. The …read more

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