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By Chase Welch

The fundamentals, accuracy and speed test packs a huge amount of learning opportunities into one fun but far-from-easy package.
The FAST drill is shot at seven yards using a downloadable target from the pistol-training website. The shooter begins with the pistol concealed or in a “duty” type retention holster loaded with only two rounds and a second, fully loaded, magazine on their belt.
On the buzzer, the shooter draws and fires two round into the 3×5 box at the top of the target, performs a slide lock reload and fires four rounds into the eight-inch circle in the center of the target. Misses to the 3×5 box add two seconds and misses to the 8-inch circle add one second to the overall time.
The scoring system for the drill is as follows:

10 or more seconds: Novice
Less than 10 seconds: Intermediate
Less than 7 seconds: Advanced
Less than 5 seconds: Expert

The takeaway
This drill is a hard one for sure! As the name suggests it tests your fundamentals, accuracy and speed. The time penalties are stiff and the margins for error are small, but in a defensive shooting encounter the margins and penalties are even more severe. And we like the fact that you can’t really game


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