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By Patriot Outdoor News

Here’s your sign!

There are dumb complaints from the anti-gun crowd, there are some really dumb complaints from the anti-gun crowd… and then there’s this complaint from Rita Richardson.

She was going through her Sunday morning circulars, and spotted something on sale at JC Penny that outrageously outraged her. In outrageous fashion, mind you. She was so offended, she contacted the press (well, one does)…

“I just thought it was sad that a major retailers like JC Penny would want its brand associated with something that advocates, glorifies gun violence,” Richardson explained.

Richardson says she is a loyal JC Penny shopper adding, “That’s why I read their ad and look for sales, but they could just give this some more attention.”

Well I would hope they would take it off the shelves, immediately.” But also says she understands young people use their clothing to express themselves, their values, but hopes if the store keeps the shirt, people will choose to wear something else.

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