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By Tom Knighton

Pro-gun Democrats exist. They’re not common, but they exist. As I mentioned in a post on Monday, they’re part of why some want to make gun control a nonpartisan issue.

In pro-gun states, however, Democrats have to walk a very bizarre line of being anti-gun enough for the Democrats in the primary, but pro-gun enough for the rest of the people.

The Democratic primary in Kansas is a good example of how that works.

For the Democrats, State Sen. Laura Kelly and former Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Josh Svaty repeat their support of gun owners on the campaign trail. They also tout their records supporting gun rights legislation during their time in the Kansas legislature — even as they take steps to add qualifiers to those records.

“It became very clear that we went too far,” Kelly said, referring to the law she supported in 2015 that lets Kansans carry concealed weapon without permits.

Svaty said that while he voted for a concealed carry bill in 2006, “it required eight hours of training and obtaining a permit from the state of Kansas.”

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