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By David Limbaugh

The Democratic Party's Christian Problem
The Democratic Party’s Christian Problem

U.S.A.-( People on the left are outraged when you question their patriotism, their dedication to the nation as founded and their respect for the Constitution as originally written, but they continually vindicate our concerns.

The most recent example is the left’s unhinged mania at Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s inclusion on President Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court appointees. In times of perceived crisis — and this is certainly one of those times for leftists — they show their colors, and you can color them militantly opposed to Barrett, in large part because of her Catholicism. And guess what else. Rumor is that she frequents a Bible study, as well.

Forget Barrett’s distinguished career and formidable legal credentials. The leftist media went bonkers, unapologetically displaying their bigotry when it comes to Christians. One commentator pointed out that Barrett “went to Notre Dame. She is very Catholic.” Get that? She’s not only an evil Catholic; she’s very much a Catholic.

Another pundit said, “It’s kind of a dubious position, but I’m sure that if (Trump) does pick a woman, she’ll be known as the Aunt Lydia of the Supreme Court” — a derogatory reference to the villainous character …Read the Rest

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